Explore the Deep Web

This internet is bigger than just the web. Don't know what Tor is? Check out the Tor project. Never heard of the Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS)? Find out more. These are separate networks on the internet. They kind of work like the web, but they are separate and run by different rules. They were created to fix some of the problems with the existing web.

You can access this website via these other deep-web networks:

How Governments Censor Websites

This is a non-technical, high-level overview of how governments engage in censorship. It doesn't focus on any particular country, but focuses on the three most common methods that have historically been used by all countries to restrict their citizens ability to access information on the internet.

Fight Censorship with a Site Mirror

The easiest way to fight censorship, and support a site that is in danger of censorship, is to set up a site mirror. ipfs-site-mirror is the tool to allow you to easily mirror a site on IPFS. 'Mirroring' a site means you are providing another functional copy that can take over if the original is ever taken down.

The tool works by following the Bitcoin Cash address of the site. When the site is updated, a change notification will be published to that address. ipfs-site-mirror will automatically detect this change and download it. Once set up, you can completely forget about ipfs-site-mirror. The software will 'just work' and help protect your favorite site from censorship.

Create Your Own Bitcoin Cash Web Wallet

While this website template is great for building a blog or other website, the bch-wallet-starter Gatsby Starter can be customized to quickly build Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin ABC (BCHA) powered apps. That app template lets you send or recieve both coins and SLP tokens on these two blockchains. It's powered by FullStack.cash.

Just like this template, the wallet app can be simultaniously broadcasted over Tor, IPFS, and the clear web, or any combination of the three. This give you and your users many options for privately and reliably conducting business.

Installing an Uncensorable Web Server

This website is a 'website template', code that you can copy and customize. It's based on the GatsbyJS framework for building web apps. You can fork the code making up this website to build your own.

Once your site is customized, you'll need to deploy it. The video shows you how to set up this web server which will serve your web app over IPFS, Tor, and the clear web, simultaniously. Tor makes is accessible privately. IPFS makes it easy to replicate and hard to censor.

Building Uncensorable REST APIs

This is a sneak peak of the future of uncensorable publishing. Not only can you use IPFS to make the website difficult to censor, it will eventually be possible to replace REST APIs with an IPFS-based API. This will allow apps to be truely uncensorable, accessed as easily from within the Chinese firewall as they are from Silicon Valley.